LG Series

Keymark,who provides high-tech software for roll forming machine,is our oversea partner.We bring in the light gauge steel designing and production software as our object tending to bind it up with Dahezb's high end roll forming machine,in order to build a perfect light steel production line.

F Series

Characteristic: 1. High precision for type, 2.2015 tool breakage proof technology, 3. Plate arbitrary angle adjustable component, 4.CNC gantry milling, 5.CZ swap the safety lock

N Series

Characteristic: 1.CZ exchange security lock, 2. Straightening lead to send dual-purpose roller shaft, 3.CNC gantry milling, 4. Precision worm gear change type group, 5.2015 tool breakage proof technology, 6. Plate angle adjust arbitrary components

L Series

Characteristic: 1. The unique dual straightening mechanism (easy alignment Z type), 2.CZ swap safety lock, 3. Plate with arbitrary angle adjustable component. All steel CNC milling machine, 5. Rapid positioning guide group

M Series

Characteristic: 1. The angle of arbitrary adjusting component, easy disassembly change die, 3. A new generation of no very shearing tool, 4. Punching one box type frame, 5. Innovation of multi axis oriented exchange system. Anti torsional alignment design,

Solar powered

The unique design of solar support structure so that the components can be adjusted according to different regions have and angle to take full advantage of the local solar energy resources, to achieve the maximum power generation efficiency of solar modules.

Spray paint

Automatic spray paint extremely versatile, from the beginning of the repair paint blemishes develop into the mold, industrial machinery, toys, crafts, musical instruments, building, steel, advertising to promote its business, logos, graffiti and other industries.

Auxiliary equipment

Company auxiliary equipment: automatic piling equipment, hydraulic feeding machine, automatic hydraulic feeding machine, single head feeding machine, double head feeding machine, feeding platform, flat shear, etc..

Customization equipment

Custom equipment of the company include: M-mode Tan, U type steel, jumbo gate plate, anti-theft door strengthen, anti-theft door frame plate, highway guardrail plate, solar stent G41, roofing plate, pressure plate etc..